Table 1

The national, regional and local project team

Team memberResponsibility
Lynch championCoordination of testing pathway, identifying roles and responsibilities of colleagues within local cancer team, planning development of optimal ‘mainstreaming’ model.
Cancer teamMeasurement of performance by completion of local audit tool. Delivery of testing with individual roles linked to guidance developed by NHS England in LS handbook ‘Implementing Lynch syndrome testing and surveillance pathways’
Regional clinical leadSupporting delivery locally by cancer teams by identifying areas of good practice, specific issues relevant to local teams by reviewing audit data and arranging one-to-one team meetings to develop action plans. Running workshops and open forums to educate and provide practical support.
Regional LS nurseProviding peer-support to nursing and medical workforce regionally, including delivery of on-site workshops at each individual cancer team.
Regional project teamCancer alliances and GMSA alliance project managers: Appointment of LS champions, supporting local stakeholders to ensure delivery of testing.
National teamCoordination of national strategy, ensuring standardisation of approach and equity of access. Running national workshops, developing online training modules. Measuring and reporting performance.
  • GMSA, genomics medical service alliance; LS, Lynch syndrome; NHS, National Health Service.