Table 2

Description of methods used to account for postprogression therapy (PPT) effects on overall survival

Approaches used to account for PPTTrials*
N (%)
Total trials evaluated334
Use of any method to account for PPT41 (12)
Multiple methods to account for PPT9 (3)
Simple censoring at start of new therapy19 (5)
Post-progression survival analysis18 (5)
Rank-preserving structural failure time7 (2)
Inverse probability of censor weighting5 (1)
Iterative parameter estimation2 (1)
Two-stage method1 (0.3)
Marginal structural model1 (0.3)
Analysis with data locked before and after cross-over was allowed1 (0.3)
  • *The number of individual approaches used to account for PPT does not add to 41 (total trials accounting for PPT) as 9 trials used multiple methods to account for PPT.